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“This is going down as one of my most memorable trips. I loved the small group, where

everyone became friends, lots of laughter and sharing experiences. Being able to enjoy the countryside AND the city life of Sicily, was amazing! The food was out of this world, so delicious and the wines were excellent! I loved everything about this tour and would highly recommend it to anyone.

— Kathy B.—

JoAnn and Gondy, put their heart and soul into this fabulously thought out trip!


Bellissimo! Great Tour! Effortless for the guests!

— Bill P. —

Jo and Gondy put together such a great trip, I would highly recommend it to anyone

who wants to see and explore Sicily. I had such a great time especially meeting all the

new Connecticut group that really made every day fun. My hat goes off for both Jo

and Gondy doing a terrific job planning the excursions, picking great hotels and

restaurants, wine tasting at all the wineries we went too and picking the cities that

made this spectacular trip unforgettable. Thanks again, we all had a blast!!!


I give it a 10 I highly recommend it!”

— Ron B.—

“JoAnn and Gondy were absolutely perfect. There was not one thing that was not

thought about in depth.

— Lory P.—

An amazing trip that was thoughtfully planned. Just the right mix of sips, sites and


— Caron D. —

Jo and Gondy put together a seamless, first-class tour of Sicily. The trip perfectly

encapsulates all that is Sicily: the earth, the culture, the architecture, the food and

wine, and the people. I left having not only fond, vivid memories of the tour and Sicily,

but having a better understanding of the entire island.

— Lisa B. —

Jo & Gondy, you have put something truly amazing together here. Your knowledge of

the area, food & wine, and how to travel in style, really made this an extraordinary trip

for me. Every detail was well thought out and well executed, from the hotels to the

tour guides. Not being a world traveler, you have given me the bug to get out and do

more. I'd travel ANYWHERE with you two. I'm afraid any other trips I do will pale in

comparison! Thank you for everything!

— Joan W. —

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